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I am now able to meet my patients' needs and give compassionate care”

My  name is Collette and attended a health fair at Wesley Medical Center.  There I met Dr. Jeff Hennes with Wellness @ Work and explained that I’d been dealing with a burning thoracic back pain and spasms for years. However, it had gotten worse lately to the point that there were days I asked to leave work early as I found it hard to meet the needs of my patients.

Dr. Hennes suggested a free consultation to see if his group and unique therapy system could help. I was in trouble and needed relief.

My consultation involved an exam and tests, plus a set of treatments including adjustments, electric stimulation, soft tissue massage and decompression of my spine. I felt better and agreed to return for a trial treatment period.  The next day at work, I noted that I stood taller and straighter, and felt less beside myself.

I fit the treatments into my schedule twice a week, and could see improvement because I needed less pain medication and muscle relaxants. Some days were better than others, but I continued to improve.

At the end of 12 treatments, we reassessed my therapy and I chose to continue the adjustments, soft tissue massage and decompression therapy. As time went on, however, I noted my pain and spasms were returning.

During my annual physical with a new family doctor, I mentioned my back pain and that I had been told I have scoliosis. She suggested a TENS Unit that creates electric stimulation to the muscle to relax it.

Hello! The light bulb went off that I was no longer using the electric stimulation from Wellness @ Work.  I spoke to the treating staff about it and Dr. Hennes added the electric stimulation with the other treatments. To say the least, I left feeling that I had been heard and with my back on the road to recovery.

I am now able to meet my patients’ needs and give compassionate care. Thanks to the whole staff for their care.


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